About the divorce of Marian Peller, close friends

As we reported, it ended after 10 years Peller to the Marians his marriage. The presenter’s acquaintances were shocked by the news of the divorce, according to the signs, Mariann Peller kept her personal struggles to herself, writes the Glance. Several people told the tabloid that they did not feel at all that there would be a problem with Marianne’s marriage.

Marianne Peller
The Kitchen Boss VIPin – Photo: Sajtóklub RTL Klub /

“I take my hat off to his discretion, because not even half a sentence left his mouth that would have hinted at it. I think he didn’t want the job to come to an end if he started complaining.” – his colleague and friend, Máté Járai, told the tabloid.

“It is incomprehensible to us what happened. (…) Something must have happened that after 12 years and two children, she stood in front of her partner and told him that she was leaving him. (…) I was shocked by this news” – revealed one of Peller Mariann’s close acquaintances.