About to take out car insurance? Full Engine

Instinctively The first thing we see when taking out car insurance is the pricewe usually look for the cheapest option, but with this action we leave aside the different coverages that it can include and from which we can benefit greatly in exchange for a small sum of extra money in the policy premium. But thinking so much in your security, as in your comfort and economy, we have collected some of the coverages that we believe you should include in car insurance that you decide to hire.

Lost keys while traveling

Losing your car key is quite a frequent inconvenience, but it becomes a huge problem when you are on a trip far from home. Thus, if you travel regularly, it is advisable to add the sending of duplicate keys to your coverage; it will undoubtedly save you on occasion and you will avoid great trouble.

Broken tinted windows

If a glass on your stock vehicle breaks, your insurance company will probably replace it with no problem if it is covered. But if the window of your vehicle is tinted, it will probably become a problem if you have not declared it in your policy. Despite the fact that there are insurers such as Mobilize Spain that will replace your windows without having to declare the modification, it never hurts Verify that your insurance companies offer this possibility in your coverage.

Defense in traffic fines

If you are a person who uses the car very frequently, This is one of the most suitable coverages for you. In case you consider that a fine has been unfair, some policies include among their services the claim before the corresponding authorities.

Puncture assistance

Punctures can occur in a busy area with good weather or at night, with a lot of rain and cold in the middle of a narrow road. If our car has a spare tire, there are not too many problems. But if you don’t have an extra tire or you don’t have the slightest idea how to change it, you can call your insurance in case it covers this mishap and In a few minutes a crane will come to help you or fix the puncture.

accident far from home

Vehicle assistance is simply a must, but you have to pay attention to the fine print. some policies cover assistance only within a radius of 150 kilometers from your place of residence. This means that if you have an accident far away, you will be unprotectedtherefore the transfer and assistance of the occupants or the towing service to take your car to the workshop will be at your own expense. Although most companies offer different levels of attention according to what one is willing to spend in the policy, it is necessary to be attentive and know exactly the scope of the service. On the other hand, if the car is still under warranty, keep in mind that car dealerships usually offer travel assistance, so you should also be careful not to use both services for the same contingency.

Non-standard accessories

After buying a car, almost always we will add some extra thingssuch as a new paint, a GPS, changing the sound system, a bike rack, a luggage rack, etc. Keep in mind that any accessory that is not standard and that has been incorporated into the vehicle it is not covered in most policies. But, some insurers do indemnify these items in case of damage or theft. When you are about to take out an insurance policy, you should remember which accessories did not come with the car and whether or not you want the coverage to protect them, since in the event of an accident due to total loss, we will not receive any type of compensation. Remember to discuss this with your insurance company, although it is just as It is advisable to read the contract very well.

Damage or theft of luggage

If after an accident some personal item has been damaged or your luggage compartment has been opened and the objects and suitcases inside have been stolen, you will receive compensation in case your policy covers this incident.

Circulation on unsuitable roads

After you have bought an SUV or a vehicle off-road, you will probably want to try it on an unmarked path and that it is classified as an unsuitable route. In the event of a bad movement or by chance, if you have had an accident, you will need a crane to tow. But if your policy does not cover assistance on unsuitable roads, then there is nothing to do. If you have an SUV and are used to using it off-roadis a coverage that interests you.