About two hundred traders expected for the large Montluçon braderie

About two hundred traders are expected on Sunday June 4 for the big Montluçon sale. It will take place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on boulevard de Courtais, from rue de la Presle, to the faubourg Saint-Pierre. For the first time, due to work on the Saint-Pierre bridge, it will not extend to Avenue de la République.

The 1,392 linear meters available sold

This does not prevent the event from filling up, welcomes Adrien Le Roux, president of Montluçon Cœur de Ville, organizer since 2019: “The 1,392 linear meters for sale this year are all taken. There are still people who want to register, for about three hundred meters which we are lacking. Last year we did 1,100 linear meters. »

The objective is to “go upmarket, even if it is necessary for all prices. We will have demonstrators – people who take part in the Lépine competition -, perfumes, Italian import bags…”

Presence of clothing chains, a first

Major clothing chains will take part in the event for the first time. “Before, we had a categorical “no” from the signs. It changes. This is good news: everyone is united and has something to gain. »
The association’s commercial policy has also been reviewed. Businesses that are members of the association do not have to pay the registration fee (€12 per meter).

The sale on Sunday October 15 is filling up

Montluçon Cœur de Ville has also set up a specific price for participation in the sale on Sunday, and that of October 15 initiated last year. “If traders register for both at the same time, the linear meter goes to €9 for June and €9 for October. Result: 19% of the surface area available for the autumn sale has already been reserved.

It will be able to invest the avenue de la République, with the opening of the Saint-Pierre bridge in mid-June.

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Seher Turkmen
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2023-05-30 15:00:00

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