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"Absolute impudence": Aldi employee confirms a suspicion – that says the discounter to the allegations

Aldi Süd is faced with a harsh reproach: An angry customer has vented her anger and relied on insider information. One employee indirectly admits the allegations. The discounter reacts.

Update from September 11: Aldi Süd takes position

Now Aldi Süd expresses the suspicion of the right of first refusal. "We try to arrange promotional items so that sufficient products are available in our stores. In exceptional cases, it may also happen that when ordering an action article, we underestimate or overestimate consumer demand, "said a spokeswoman for the discounter.

"In our handout we expressly point to the limited number of promotional items. The flamingo bed linen we offered for the first time at the end of June as an action item. The article was very popular with our customers. That's why we reacted quickly and offered the article again at the end of August, "it continues.

Then the important part: "Our employees may in individual cases buy promotional items in advance. However, this is expressly permitted only if sufficient product availability is ensured. "

Update 08. September: Own employee confirmed insider reproach at Aldi-Süd

After last week's first allegations against discounter giant Aldi Süd were raised and this had denied all insider rumors, now emerges a public Facebook post, which should provide new fuel. As a Userin published in a public Facebook group, the allegation directed against Aldi South, that employees should first serve itself on the action goods, seems to be true.

For data protection reasons, the name of the employee is not read here.

© Screenshot Facebook / private

In the Facebook post is a picture of extremely popular children's goods of the discounter to see. Above the picture is free for all users to read that the employee can enjoy certain advantages by their status as employees. "Yes I have my advantage, I work there. Since I am in childcare leave, I can choose beautiful in peace in the camp ". This photo was played by a reader of our editorial staff after the article was published. Aldi-South has not yet commented on the allegations.

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Original message from 02. September: Hard allegations against Aldi-South

Munich – Aldi Süd faces an insider reproach. It's about flamingos – more precisely, flamingo bedding, which the discounter had put into its product range. Because flamingos are "in". This is confirmed by the sales figures of the bed linen. There are several complaints on the company's Facebook page that the bedding is sold out too quickly.

Now that the supermarket has had it in its product range, it is now available for the second time – or not anymore. When it comes to supply planning, a lot of things once again seem to have gone awry, if one trusts the words of a customer. She is very disappointed with how few copies of bed linen have landed on the shelves. Therefore, she makes her anger on the Facebook page of the supermarket chain.

Allegation against Aldi Süd: "What is this shit?"

"Dear Aldi South Team, I find it an absolute impudence to call the Flamingo bedding in your advertising the title 'Because of the high demand (…)'. And then a store gets four (or even less!) Copies, "she writes outraged and obviously angry. And she continues: "If you are doing so advertising, then the shops should be supplied accordingly. Incomprehensible."

She also asks, "What's this shit? (…) Is there any thought of customers here? "But then comes the much worse reproach in the direction of the company. Because the customer claims that the employees of Aldi should already use the products of the discounter in advance. But this reproach leaves the team of Aldi Süd not sitting on itself.

However, this is Aldi Nord advertising, in which the discounter makes fun of social media trends.

Aldi customer relies on insider information

The supermarket answers: "Our employees are not allowed to serve before, nor do our branches receive only four or fewer copies. We plan our promotional offers very carefully and above all, based on our experience from the past years. "However, of course, not all the factors that move the customer to a purchase, anticipate in advance. "And so it happens that we underestimate the demand when ordering certain items," Aldi Süd admits.

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The angry customer can not be waived by this answer, but relies on internal sources: "Unfortunately, I know from Aldi South employees themselves that they use before – and the rest is then designed for the customers," she claims. This information can not be verified here.

However, the customer doubts the truthfulness of the statement of the Aldi Süd Facebook employees: "My dad was even told this morning that the Aldi in Nuremberg Langwasser did not receive any delivery of bedding and my brother was told in Aldi Nuremberg Zollhausstraße that only four copies had arrived – of which there were none at 8 o'clock this morning! I know you can do it the least bit, but it's always a joke. "The Facebook page of Aldi Süd has not yet responded.

more on the subject

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Aldi Süd also starts with a new product test. So far, there were no magazines to buy at Aldi. That should change now test way. At Lidl there are already magazines to buy. However, Lidl wants to introduce another, new product to better stand out from Aldi. Incidentally, Aldi has revealed that there will be the first Christmas stollen from 10 September.

In addition, chicken nuggets are currently being recalled at Lidl.



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