Abu Dhabi Express Bus Service to more areas; The beginning of the second phase

Abu Dhabi – The second phase of the express bus service has started in Abu Dhabi. The Integrated Transport Center said that following the success of the project, which was started in March for testing purposes, the service will be extended to more areas. In the first phase, 70,000 passengers were provided with 14,500 trips by 38 buses.

New route

The new service is from the city to Banias Taxi Station Mafraq Workers City, Life Line Hospital Bus Stop, Mirfa City and Zayed City in Aldafra region. The service is in collaboration with the private sector. The journey will not stop at other stops between departure and arrival at the destination.

And to other emirates in the future

The Integrated Transport Center (ITC) said that the service will be tested in Abu Dhabi in the first phase and will later be extended to other emirates. Currently, the service is from Musafa Industrial Area to Mohammed Bin Zayed City and from Khalifa City, Banias, Shahama and Alfalah to Abu Dhabi City.


The service is open from 5am to 10pm Monday to Friday and until 1am on weekends and public holidays. The bus will run at 10-minute intervals during peak hours and 25-minute intervals during off-peak hours.