«Abu Dhabi Health» warns of «central obesity»


The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi warned against the dangers of sitting in front of television and computers for long periods of time, stressing the need for all segments of society to take care of their age. Physical activity is a key part of their lifestyle.

Measuring «central obesity»
Central obesity can be measured simply by measuring the waist circumference (waist circumference measured above the navel) or by measuring waist to hip ratio. The ideal waist circumference is less than 90 cm in men and less than 80 cm in women , And if the waist circumference is very high (more than 102 cm in men and more than 90 cm in women), it means that a person is five times more likely to develop diabetes than someone with a smaller waist circumference.

The Department identified the mechanisms and ways to maintain healthy and physical health, through a guide that enables the viewer and his followers to identify their physical condition, by understanding the numerical rates that determine the standard weights of the body. The guide said that what is known as “central obesity” comes as a result of eating more calories than the body needs, warning of its risks to life.
The body mass index (BMI) is defined as a measure of the relationship between weight and height. It is very easy to calculate body mass index. First, weight and height are measured. The results are then matched to the body mass index. The ideal body can determine the healthy weight of anyone with the same length and physical structure, indicating that the BMI equation is the weight of the weight in kilograms per square meter in length, the ideal BMI ranges between 18.5 and 25 degrees.
If the body mass index is below 18.5 degrees, this means that the weight is too low, so the doctor should see the doctor to address the issue. If the BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, Ideally, if the indicator is between 25 and 29.9 degrees, it means that the owner is overweight and has to take steps to reduce excess weight.
If the BMI is between 30 and 40 degrees, it means that the owner suffers from obesity, and should take steps to reduce the excess weight, especially since obesity is a risk factor that may cause cardiovascular disease and others, if the body mass index increased to 40 Degree, this result means obesity and increased weight seriously, stressing the need to review a specialist to reduce weight.
The guide pointed to the accuracy of the body mass index as evidence of the need for weight loss, noting that BMI is used as a standard, and it is important to remember that everyone has his own condition.
According to the guide, what is known as “central obesity” is the result of eating more calories than the body needs. The term refers to the description of what happens when storing excess fat in the abdomen and stomach, stressing that «central obesity» is most related to cardiovascular disease Of the high BMI, which means that excess weight, or high body mass index, indicates a risk to health, as well as when there are deposits of fat in the body, especially around the stomach.


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