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Abuse in Lügde: demolition brings more data carriers – Panorama

  • When demolishing the home of the main suspect in the case of thousands of sexual abuse in Lügde not only more CDs and discs appeared, but also VHS cassettes.
  • The police said that they have not been able to find any evidence of further victims on the now found data carriers.
  • Amazement triggers the statement by the police that they have not had any judicial permission for destruction and therefore more thorough search of the dwelling.

From Jana Stegemann, Dusseldorf, and Britta von der Heide, Lügde

Christopher Wienberg can not believe it. He has just found more than ten video tapes. In the rubble from the campsite. In what is left over from the habitation of the main suspect in allegedly thousandfold child molestation of Lügde. At the top of the container are the black VHS tapes. Wienberg again calls the police, he shivers, he is beside himself: "What should I do now?", Asks the 29-year-old demolition contractor from Bad Pyrmont on Monday afternoon in the phone.

He does not know what's on the cassettes.

With the two containers full of rubble Wienberg is at this time alone at the disposal point.

Crime SPD calls for Reul's resignation

Abuse case in Lügde

SPD calls for Reul's resignation

After the renewed discovery of data carriers in the abuse scandal of Lügde calls the SPD faction in the North Rhine-Westphalia Landtag the resignation of the Interior Minister. Reul is a security risk.

In the morning, Bielefeld police had called him and asked to find an unloading point for the last two containers. They wanted to search the rubble again, the officials said. Later, they reported again: one does not come, it can be disposed of. Nine containers with 35 tons of rubble and garbage from the 56-year-old permanent campers and main suspect Andreas V. had already been burned at a landfill.

Since last Tuesday, the demolition work on the campsite "Eichwald" run after the scene was officially released two weeks ago. As early as Thursday and Friday, Wienberg and his colleagues discovered a total of five data carriers when sorting the rubble. Since then, the question is in the room: Have the investigators hell? Have they escaped evidence that they could or should have found?

Victim lawyer Roman von Alvensleben is convinced: "It is not enough to say that we already have enough evidence, it is about every single victim and his need for education."

Wienberg and his colleagues discovered a total of five data carriers when sorting the rubble.

(Photo: private)

A joint request from SZ, WDR and NDR left the police unanswered, instead sending a press release shortly after Wienberg's videotape fund. One has so far no evidence of further victims on the disks can be found. "Due to damage, only one CD can currently be partially read out," states the statement. Their data are "not relevant". The authorities also stick to their version that the data carriers were said to have been hidden in a double floor in the suspect's caravan, where they could not find them.

Wienberg says: "I can not say where the CDs and disks were because we found them when they fell at our feet." For the demolition contractor is incomprehensible, why police and prosecutor did not accompany the demolition work. "The whole lot was built from front to back, there were suspended ceilings, the floors were partially covered with three different documents." The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

With his astonishment Wienberg is not alone. Michael Mertens, head of the union of the police in NRW, asked the same question on ZDF; the NRW-SPD had demanded after the announcement of the renewed finding after release of the crime scene even the resignation of Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul (CDU). He had admitted that more could be found at the campsite. Another investigation in the bristling before police pains Lügde case? At least six times the scene had been searched, even Germany's only data hound was used.

The Lügde investigators said that the police had "an intensive, very small-scale investigation of the crime scenes have operated that met the standard of a murder or manslaughter investigation." Cavities were not discovered. The fact that a witness wants the police to have pointed out in her statement on hiding places of the main suspect raises further questions.

Could the police have ripped the floor? "Generally it is so – and I do not speak specifically for the case Lügde – that the police may proceed with searches with all necessary means", say Carsten Neubert of the state criminal police Bavaria. Of course, it is a matter of balance: "If I break something, I have to explain why I break it, and if it is assumed that evidence is hidden under floors or in furniture, they must be opened by force if necessary."

For a destruction of the caravan and its attachments you had no judicial approval, it says, however, by the police Bielefeld. It also said that "there was no reason for civil servants to spend days looking for demolition work or even demolishing at the expense of taxpayers".

Georg Prüfling is a former head of the identification service in Bonn and a lecturer for "Tatortinspektion" at the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg irritated by these statements: "The Code of Criminal Procedure in its paragraphs 94 ff and 102 ff the investigating authorities a variety of authorizations to secure and Find evidence at hand. "

Terrorism The slave owner

The slave owner

The German IS fighter Jennifer W. is accused of murder by omission. She is said to have dehydrated a chained five-year-old girl. Her mother Nora B. was kept as a slave and had to watch how her child died.By Lena Kampf and Annette Ramelsberger



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