Abusers Can No Longer Take Trains – PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) will carry out blacklist against passengers who sexually harass while on a train journey.

This decision was taken as a decisive step so that in the future there will be no more acts of harassment and sexual violence on KAI’s services.

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Asdo Artriviyanto as EVP Corporate Secretary of KAI said that this policy was set to provide a deterrent effect and prevent perpetrators from doing the same thing in the future.

This new policy also applies to perpetrators of sexual harassment whose case went viral yesterday.

“KAI does not tolerate this incident at all and hopes that such incidents will not happen again in various other KAI services,” said Asdo, quoted from a press statement received. Kompas.comTuesday (21/06/2022).

Previously, the victim of harassment on the train uploaded the unpleasant experience she received to Twitter, as quoted from Kompas.comTuesday (20/06/2022).

In the video, the hand of a man sitting next to the victim can be seen trying to get closer to the victim’s body. Through the upload, the victim stated that the perpetrator had done this act many times.

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As for the way KAI gives punishment to perpetrators of harassment, it is by: blacklist to the relevant Population Identification Number (NIK).

The NIK is obtained from video evidence and existing attachments.

The reason KAI did not allow the perpetrators to ride the train again was because the person concerned was considered to have violated ethics and committed immorality, as well as degrading the dignity of other customers, especially women.

For the incident that happened to its customer, KAI has contacted the victim to apologize for the inconvenience experienced.

“(KAI) is ready to provide support in the legal steps that will be taken,” said Asdo.

Although KAI is ready to provide assistance, the victim decided not to take this matter to law. However, asking the alleged perpetrator to apologize and not repeat his actions again.

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In addition, KAI also stated that it is committed to providing priority services to the elderly, people with disabilities, and pregnant women.