Access the Official Link to Check the Social Assistance for PKH and BPNT 2022 Online Using an ID Card

PR DEPOK – Immediate access link official to check the recipients of the 2022 PKH and BPNT social assistance programs online.

Checks can be done via WL (HP) or laptop by only using your Identity Card (KTP).

If after checking you are registered as a recipient of BPNT for the Sembako Card or PKH, there will be direct cash assistance (BLT) of Rp. 2.4 million to Rp. 3 million from the government.

Read this article until it runs out, because it will discuss how to check the PKH or BPNT 2022 social assistance online through the site

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Prior to that, the Family Hope Program (PKH) and the Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) for the Sembako Card were social assistance programs created by the government to help people from poor families.

The two social assistance programs have different categories, terms and amounts of assistance according to the needs of the beneficiary families (KPM).

BPNT or known as the Sembako Card itself is an aid to buy basic daily needs, ranging from rice, eggs, meat to fruit.

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