Accident via Medellín – Bogotá: total closure and 18 injured – Medellín – Colombia

Around 10:30 in the morning he showed up a serious accident on the Medellín – Bogotá highwayat the height of the municipality of Copacabana, at kilometer 4.

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Traffic and Transportation Police of Antioquia, the Copacabana Fire Department and the Devimed concessionaire attended the emergency that involved 4 vehicles, left a person dead and at least 18 wounded.

The victim is a 69 year old womanwho died at the scene and – apparently – was traveling as co-pilot of the public service bus of the company Trasportes Oriente Antioqueño, which ended up overturned as a result of the road accident.

Also, there were three other vehicles involved: a dump truck -which according to witnesses would have run out of brakes-, a truck and a van at the service of EPM.

Six of the injured were taken to Hospital del Norte and San Juan de Dios de Rionegro for evaluation by medical personnel.

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Sergeant Julia Hernández of the Copacabana Fire Department pointed out that one of the wounded, who was in the dump truck, was transferred by private individuals to a hospital, before rescue personnel were present at the scene due to the seriousness of his injuries.

The deputy commander of the Antioquia Transit and Transportation Section, Major Karina Londoño, confirmed that the causes of the accident are under investigation by the authorities.

The Devimed dealer reported that at this time the traffic on the road that connects Medellin with Eastern Antioquia is enabled.

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