Accidents – Würzburg – ship blocked Main: Further towing attempt failed – Bavaria

Würzburg (dpa / lby) – A goods motor ship is still blocking the Main in Würzburg. Another towing attempt on the morning of Christmas Day failed, according to a city spokesman. Thus, the Main will remain closed to shipping until further notice, as will the Main Bridge to car traffic. However, the ship poses no immediate danger to people or the environment.

“It’s difficult to say how long the recovery will take,” a city spokesman said. “As far as I know, ships are not currently damming up on the Main because shipping traffic is very quiet at the moment.” Another attempt is being prepared. This requires more space for maneuvering. The floating facility of the “Mainkuh” restaurant, with which the ship initially threatened to collide, should therefore be removed. A section of the promenade and the cycle path on Willy-Brandt-Kai will also remain closed for the time being.

According to initial findings, the cause of the incident at the Würzburg lock was probably a driving error by the 35-year-old skipper, the police said. The ship, which according to the city of Würzburg loaded more than 2,700 tons of asphalt granulate, was then driven sideways and was unable to manoeuvre. The investigation is ongoing.

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