According to DECO, this is the best television in Portugal – Forever Young

DECO Proteste distinguished Vodafone Portugal’s Fiber television service with the “Best of the Test” seal, for having the best user experience on the market. Vodafone’s television service stood out for its simplicity and fluidity, ensuring an intuitive user experience.

It is the fifth consecutive time that Vodafone Portugal has received this recognition, which is the result of an in-depth analysis by DECO Proteste of television, net and fixed telephone services based on fiber optics. This evaluation included tests carried out by a panel of users with different ages and technical knowledge.

The personalization of the service – in terms of the grid of channels and the menu – and the easy access to contents are among the most appreciated functionalities. An experience ensured by artificial intelligence systems, such as Smart Replay News, which group the content made available by theme. Scheduling and managing recordings, as well as the ergonomics of the remote, which has shortcut keys for the main functions, are other features highlighted by users.

DECO Proteste also underlines that this is the only service that provides the terms and conditions in the configuration, with the option to reject the functionalities that may be considered more intrusive by consumers.


2023-06-01 09:30:30

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