Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

According to Eric Ciotti, “Laurent Wauquiez embodies the clarity to the right”


The activists RL who attend a public meeting of Eric Ciotti are never deceived on the merchandise. They want to hear resonate a word of right that is not afraid of his echo, and they are getting value for their money (even if the entry is free of charge, editor’s note).

last night in Nice, the member was not there to speak on his behalf, but to defend the nomination of Laurent Wauquiez to the presidency of the Republicans, in the election scheduled for December 10.

it doesn’t matter. Wauquiez or Ciotti, today it is just as, as it seems to be difficult to slide a sheet of cigarette paper between the beliefs of the two men.

The suspense has beautiful sound of pure form, they…

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