According to Mourinho, This Is Because Liverpool Champion

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Jose Mourinho highly praised Liverpool for the success of winning the English League. Tottenham Hotspur’s manager called Liverpool an example.

Liverpool locked the Premier League title last week, with seven weeks left of the season. Achieving 86 points from 31 matches will not be able to be pursued again by Manchester City in second place who just collected 63 points.

This became Liverpool’s first Premier League title, as well as the first English League title in 30 years. This success is not the result of a short process.

Juergen Klopp’s appointment in November 2015 started the Merseyside team’s big mission. Liverpool only finished eighth at the end of the season after appointing Klopp as manager.

In the next two seasons, Liverpool entered the last four but only managed to end the competition in fourth position in a row. 2018/2019 season is the momentum of foster children Juergen Klopp.

Liverpool finished runners-up in the league that season, losing just one point to Manchester City. But the Champions League title provides more confidence for Mohamed Salah et al, which has finally been proven by the league title this season.

Mourinho praised the patience and confidence of Liverpool management towards Klopp to lead their project. This is the key to Liverpool’s success.

“Congratulations to them, it’s time for them to rejoice after all this time. So really, really, honestly, congratulations for them and of course the numbers don’t lie. Of course they are worth it,” Mourinho said.

“For a long time, since I had tried to be an analyst, I said in November that I think they would be champions. I think what they do is what you have to do, that is, when you trust a manager.”

“No matter how you did in the first season, no matter how you did in the second season, you continued to work because you trusted him. So you continued to work together. So if the results in the first season were not good, you improved it. “

“If the results of the second season are not good, you continue to grow. And you go to the third season, then the fourth. And of course when the manager is good, and when the structure behind him is good, and when they succeed in doing collective work like Liverpool do , the results arrived. “

“So I think that is a good example for people who think in football everything is done in one week, one month or one year. So I double my praise for them just because of their profile, and the way that they accept it as a project in early. Good job, “said the Portuguese man.

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