According to one of the founding members of Első Emelet, the others want to erase him from the band’s history

False news about me appeared in the media in connection with the First Floor concert planned for the end of the year.
I hereby inform everyone that due to the irreconcilable conflict that has developed within the band, I will not participate in that event in any form, and I will not be associated with it

– sent this statement to the media István Tereh, one of the founding members of Első Emelet, who played percussion instruments on stage, but actually acted as the band’s manager until his exit. (On the cover photo taken in 1986, you can see it on the left.)

As also wrote, in June Első Emelet announced that they will celebrate the band’s 40th birthday with a concert at the Papp László Sportarena, which will not only be their first performance after nine years, but also again after more than thirty years Gábor Szentmihályi (Michel) will play drums, i.e. they will take the stage again in the classic line-up. However, István Tereh was left out of the lineup, and he has now told Blikk why:

Nine years ago, a close relative of the frontman figured out one morning that he would be an excellent manager, and from then on the joint work did not work. Constant disputes arose because of the amateur’s irresponsible actions, even though during our joint work I organized almost every party, including the big concert held in the BS and the Syma hall, not to mention the hundreds of concerts and other creative works of mine.

After thirty-eight years of working together, I will not allow them to erase the First Floor from history, as they have tried to do so several times. However, the role that was offered in connection with the current concert, I did not accept under any circumstances, because it was not worthy of this nearly four decades of work

Tereh told the newspaper, according to whom the others offered him the option of logging in via video.

This is humiliating, as well as the fact that I searched for Béla several times (Kiki – Ed.), to ask him to behave in an adult, professional manner, but he did not react. According to them, there are no arguments…

– said the former manager, who also thinks it’s strange that Michel is coming back, even though he hasn’t spoken to some members of the band for thirty years:

There are fundamental worldview differences between them, and by the end of the 1980s, around the time of the regime change, this had already escalated into such fights that they finally fell out, and Michel then declared that he would never go on stage with them again. It will be interesting!

István Tereh told Blikk.

Blikk writes that, according to the members of Első Emelet, Tereh was part of the band for only four years and was no longer part of its most successful period, although he left the band at the beginning of 1987, when the band was already quite successful.

From the band Gábor Berkes told Blikk:

We don’t want to comment on it, we don’t mind. I only care about the positive things about the concert.

And according to Kiki, “the band does not wish to comment on this topic either now or in the future.”