According to Sakurai, listing Smash Bros. from Sora was difficult

Sora is the last and final addition tome Super Smash Bros. game UltimateA huge roster and possibly the most difficult character to secure for the series. Masahiro Sakurai, Game Director Super Smash Bros. Climax, wrote a column for the Japanese magazine Famitsu, on the difficulty of including Sora in Smash. PushDustln and Kody NOKOLO on Twitter Join the translation of the article for English speaking fans and provide details in two topics.

Unlike other high level Supporters (Like Banjo and Kazooie) Sora was much more difficult to obtain – Sakurai at one point thought that Sora would be “extremely unlikely” to obtain it. But at the location of the rewards (PushDustln didn’t say where he was, so it’s likely Sakurai didn’t), Sakurai ran into a Disney rep who seemed excited about Sora’s membership. Despite this happy meeting, it took long discussions to get Sora smashing. In fact, Fighter Pass 2 was only supposed to come with five fighters, and Sora was added to make six.

Even after all the studios agreed, Sora was not an easy going character. The Sakurai team had to seek approval from two moderators: Square Enix and Disney. The studios imposed a lot of guidelines and Sakurai joked about how difficult it is to please everyone.

Outside of Sora, Sakurai spoke about the length and difficulty of developing 11 fighters from the DLC packs. After the team was paired up after launch, also due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sakurai spent the same time creating the DLC as he did developing the full title. It’s been three years since Super Smash Bros. Ultime ‘s, and is now only complete with the launch of Sora.

Finally, Sakura said it would only work on “a few other games”, and given the time it took to develop on the DLC, he is “worried about the future”. It’s unclear if Sakurai plans to work on another Smash Bros. game. before his supposed retirement. He ended his blog by saying that his bi-weekly Famitsu column would also end. The director feels it Smash ultime It was a “celebration of the game,” and he seemed happy that so many developers from different studios could come together to make it happen.

If you want to read the entire column, both translators have said they will publish a full translation in a few weeks.