According to science, it is the new type of cholesterol that is even more aggressive and devastating

This unique and little known plant reduces blood sugar and cholesterol with its 40 antioxidants and is a precious help for our health. Also because, as we well know, finding ourselves with certain values ​​outside the norm exposes us to cardiovascular diseases of a certain importance. According to international data, before the outbreak of the pandemic, deaths from cardiac events were the leading cause of death on the entire planet. Data to be analyzed even more carefully, rattling off the figures directly: over 17 million deaths every year. And, unfortunately, in Italy we are certainly not doing better, so much so that, unfortunately always thanks to the pandemic, we find ourselves having increased the percentage of overweight and obese compatriots. According to science it is the new type of cholesterol even more aggressive and devastating and it is worth analyzing it together with our Experts.

A new type of cholesterol

International medical practices have been working on it for a while. What in a simple term to understand we are defining “new cholesterol” is in truth yet another genetic attack on our health. Scientifically we are talking about lipoprotein a, which is internationally known as Lp (a). This is not a recent discovery, given that the first laboratory tests concerning it date back to the 1960s. However, it is back in vogue on a scientific level because, unlike the classic LDL, ie bad cholesterol, it is more reluctant to respond to standard therapies. Put simply, while cholesterol can also be lowered through the help of a healthy diet and a balanced diet, this lipoprotein seems to defend itself better. This is at least what emerges from the most recent studies.

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According to science, it is the new type of cholesterol that is even more aggressive and devastating

Therefore, in the current state of medical knowledge, there are no specific drugs to reduce this type of protein. The only way to go in those patients who are really exposed to cardiovascular risks is to fight bad cholesterol. So, specifically, it means:

  • use extra virgin olive oil, dried fruit, and legumes in moderation;
  • follow a diet with low saturated fats, especially animal ones, but without absolutely excluding fish;
  • get as much fiber, vitamins and antioxidants as you can through vegetables, whole grains, legumes themselves and fruit.

All the more so since this protein wants to unleash a war against us, we try to fight it also with the help of continuous physical and sporting activity.


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