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Home Sport According to Xavi, Neymar's transfer to Barca "seems very difficult"

According to Xavi, Neymar's transfer to Barca "seems very difficult"

For weeks, Neymar Jr is in the center of Brazilian and Parisian news. Targeted by a complaint for rape, then wounded with the Seleção in early June, the number 10 PSG is now the main character of the soap opera of the summer. The plot is now known for weeks: he wants to leave Paris, probably to return to FC Barcelona but the economic feasibility of such a transfer is still to be demonstrated.

Since the outbreak of this summer sequence at the border between news and mercato, the main stakeholder has never spoken, with the exception of a video recorded in early June to respond to the charge of rape. Neymar Jr must break the silence this Friday during an interview recorded Thursday and to be broadcast this Friday at 2 pm (French time) on the Brazilian channel UOL in a morning show for the general public.

"We are going to wait"

While waiting for this first speech, several personalities have spoken these last hours on one or the other aspects of the news of the Parisian player. The Seleção doctor, Rodrigo Lasmar, first gave news of the evolution of his ankle injury, touched the ankle on June 6 against Qatar and package for the Copa América.

According to him, Neymar is completely cured, as it seems to confirm recent videos showing the player on a football field in Brazil. "The forecast was four weeks of recovery," said Dr. Lasmar according to UOL reports. If he was in a club, he would already be at work, training with the ball. I examined him when he came to see us after the match against Argentina (2-O, in Copa semi-final). He was fine. His treatment was accompanied by PSG doctors after his withdrawal with the selection. "

The former captain of Barça Xavi, for his part, gave his point of view on the hypothetical return of Neymar in Catalonia. "I played with him and I also have good relationships. It would be an incredible transfer for football, he said in the columns of Marca. Honestly, it seems to me very difficult. But we also saw a lot of amazing things in the world of football, like Neymar's signature for € 222m at PSG, which I would not have imagined in my life, and it's also happened, so we'll wait . It is indisputable that in recent years, he is one of the best footballers in the world, able to make the difference. But let's see what Barca decides for the moment. "

Finally, on the investigation side following the rape complaint filed by Najila Trindade, the police requested an extension of the investigation for another 30 days.


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