Acer steps into video card production with Intel Arc A770 | Hardware

Intel GPU in ‘Predator BiFrost’ jacket is Acer’s first video card

Written by Tom Kauwenberg on Saturday 01 October 2022 14:19

Acer also signs up as a partner manufacturer for Intel Arc video cards. The Arc A770 in the ‘Predator BiFrost’ chassis is Acer’s first desktop card.

The proprietary Intel card was announced yesterday by Acer’s Predator subsidiary at, among others, Twitter. Apparently it concerns a desktop card of roughly two and a half PCI slots thick, with a relatively unique cooling solution moreover.

Acer’s card seems to combine fans from two classes: the so-called blower, along with a traditional open-air fan. Cool air is partly sucked up ‘against’ the card, but presumably also pulled through its own chassis, to be carried out at the back. Both cooling solutions are more commonly used today, but rarely does one card use the two different techniques simultaneously.

Also prominent in the promotional image are two 8-pin power connectors (300 watts maximum), suggesting that the card’s TGP is higher than the 225 watts of the card. Intel’s own Arc A770. Acer’s card probably comes with a slight overclock from the factory, as is often the case with partner cards.

It is still unclear whether Acer will supply the card with 16 GB and/or 8 GB; both setups are possible with Intel’s Arc A770 GPU. Intel’s own video cards only come with 16 GB; the 8 GB option lies entirely with Intel’s partner manufacturers. Acer is now joining them, in addition to parties such as MSIASRock en Gunner.

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Acer itself did not give an official release date for the card, let alone a price indication. Most likely, the first Predator BiFrost card will be released October 12, simultaneously with the official (global) kick-off of the Arc A770 GPU. Intel’s suggested starting prices are $329 for the 8 GB model and $349 for the 16 GB variant.