Act – Guerredito – Guerre

A bomb landed in bookstores on May 5: an unpublished and complete novel by Louis-Ferdinand Cline, who died in 61. The text was brought to light in the torpor of last August, after an incredible story of post-war theft, decades of cover-ups and grueling legal proceedings. A miracle for Clinians as well as for literature. Confession: we had never read Cline before 2021. This surge of manuscripts pushed us to finally open, this winter, the famous journey to the Edge of the Night. The war, brutal, intense, the writing picked up. Dark irony, raw truth. The strength of the writer, even more so in his time. Alas, to be honest, on the last chapters, we could no longer read these exhalations against the whole world. So we were told, for Guerre, described as rawer and tougher, we will pass our turn. And then we yielded (zero strength of character) to the enthusiasm of the eminent Clinians heard everywhere this week. They say it’s a first draft. The strength of Cline, the popular slang style, is even stronger. Ignatius Reilly in a glaucous version, and not just because of the war. Heavy from heavy… Last page, the relief is almost guilty as we have been praised for the genius of the writer. At least he doesn’t leave unmoved, that’s for sure! It’s not over: another untold, London, will appear in autumn. Another miracle it seems