Action alliance Künisches Gebirge: Thomas Gollwitzer adopted in Lohberg – Cham

After a long break due to the coronavirus, the Künisches Gebirge action alliance was able to meet again and personally discuss the cooperation. Franz Müller, Mayor of Lohberg and spokesman for the alliance, has met his colleagues from Lam, Arrach, Neukirchen b. Hl. Blut and Eschlkam as well as the employee Jana Dirriglová, the new ILE companion of the ALE Oberpfalz, Daniela Wehne, and above all the guest Thomas Gollwitzer were invited to the Dorfstadl.

“Our ITU is small, but nice and we exchange ideas on a variety of points. There is always something going on and this should get through to Munich,” said Franz Müller. They also want to maintain contact with their neighbors on the other side of the border by continuing the cross-border get-togethers.


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