Action artists dispose of AfD flyers in the garbage

The AfD apparently fell for a perfectly orchestrated guerrilla campaign: Disguised as the alleged company “Flyerservice Hahn”, the Center for Political Beauty (ZPS) persuaded numerous district associations of the party to send him around five million election leaflets. But instead of ending up in the mailboxes of German citizens, the advertising material with a total weight of 72 tons ended up in the trash.

While before the election it was still speculated whether the ZPS could be behind it – the AfD already went public with such an accusation last Friday, but still without evidence – the action artists now fully confessed themselves on the website officially as the masterminds of the action. At the same time, a corresponding film on YouTube explains the procedure of the self-proclaimed “world market leader in not distributing Nazi flyers”:

As expected, the AfD reacts pissed off and threatens criminal prosecution. The ZPS, in turn, is now asking for financial help by means of an appeal for donations in order to be able to defend itself against the “nasty AfD lawyers”: “Unfortunately, our only customer is extremely angry and wants to cheat us not only about the contractually agreed remuneration, but also compensation and damages criminal consequences, “it says on the website. And: “With your money, our lawyers defend artistic freedom, the Center for Political Beauty and the Hahn Flyer Service against the AfD and clarify: Who actually financed all of their advertising?”


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