actions are multiplying in Gironde

We don’t give up This is what opponents of the pension reform repeat with each of their actions. And this week, they multiply them. Adopted at first reading in the Senate, this Saturday, March 11, deputies and senators must agree on the text this March 15. Date also chosen for a new day of mobilization.

New action of the Collective of Bassens this Monday morning

Opponents of the reform are therefore putting the package this week. This Monday morning, it was the Collectif de Bassens which opened the ball with, from 7 a.m., an action to distribute leaflets at a roundabout in the Rives d’Arcins, in Bègles. A towing which was associated with a dam filtering a good part of the morning. The Bassens Collective has not said its last word. An AG is organized this Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Cenon. It could be decided on a new surprise blocking action by the end of the week.

Strike picket at Family Planning in Bordeaux

On total strike since March 7, the 11 employees of Gironde Family Planning are also taking action. This Monday, March 13, a picket was set up in front of the association’s Bordeaux premises from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Beyond the problems around retirement for women in particular, the association fears, with this reform, that its functioning will be altered. “In our board of directors, many members are young retirees. If the retirement of these people is postponed to 64 years or more, it will be difficult to do our job.“, explains Pauline Moszkowski, communication manager of Planning Familial 33.

Employees are motivated not to give up. A distribution of leaflets will be held in Mériadeck this Tuesday, March 14, from 10 a.m. Same action in southern Gironde from 11 a.m. at Leclerc de Langon.