Actions implemented for the health of students, in Draguignan

As part of the local health contract signed in 2018 by the city of Draguignan, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the sub-prefecture, several lines of work have been developed in order to establish an inventory and develop health and prevention actions.

One of these orientations was devoted to the mental health of young people, as Brigitte Dubouis, education and training assistant, recalls:

“We wanted to work with the Maison des adolescents de Toulon (MDA du Var) chaired by Professor Marcel Rufo, whom Richard Strambio had also already hosted in Dracénie. It was a question of developing itinerant actions by receiving a multidisciplinary team in the premises of the Student House”, continues the one who regrets that the process has been slowed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A mobile team in the field

But since April, and thanks to the action financed (1) by the city of Draguignan, the hotlines have finally started:

It is a cell which is made up of psychologists, nurses and child psychiatrists”, says Sébastien Guillen, health manager. “The team that travels from Toulon welcomes young people aged 11 to 25.”

As demand is growing rapidly, the process is carried out in several stages.

Initially, applicants or their families contact the Maison des adolescents du Var directly. (2), the starting point for treatment. Once the assessment has been established, a pair of professionals travel to Draguignan on Wednesday afternoons, to meet young patients:

“These are completely free sessions of about an hour, they take place from 2 to 5 p.m.”, continues Sébastien Guillen.

CEGIDD present on Wednesdays

Another opportunity and not the least, these slots fall on the same day as the permanence of the team of the Free Diagnostic and Screening Information Center (CEGIDD) which occupies the premises on Wednesday mornings.

“It can also be a plus for young people who want to learn about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)”explains Brigitte Dubouis, who does not hesitate to list the many actions implemented with students during periods of confinement:

Many found themselves in difficulty, there was a lot of suffering,” concludes the assistant.