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Activated malt flour, the superfood that is revolutionizing healthy diets

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With all of you the activated malt flour that everyone talks about. If a few days ago we told you why Bon App Eat cookies had become one of the favorite snacks to eat between meals, today it is the turn of one of its most important ingredients: activated malt flour.

This very special flour is obtained after an artisan process of macerating the barley malt and stands out for being rich in fiber, iron and protein. But, at the same time, it is low in carbohydrates, which allows it to be cooked and prepared in diets where carbohydrate intake must be reduced. Therefore, it is perfect in weight loss diets or as a food for nursing mothers, as it enhances milk production.

Bon App Eat, a healthy and sustainable ‘snack’ for your immune system

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All these ingredients are developed in a natural and totally sustainable way to give added value to people who value natural food production. It is an ingredient widely used for the preparation of bread or vegan pastry foods. Since activated malt flour is a very powerful ingredient, its consumption should not exceed the daily amounts recommended by the manufacturer.

How do you get such a healthy and sustainable flour?

The malt that makes up this flour goes through a process where heat is applied to generate the nutrients to concentrate and, in this way, put aside all those nutrients that are not necessary for a healthy life. At the end of this process, the malt is filtered, dehydrated again in order to develop the grain and the consequent elaboration of the activated malt flour.

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Bon App Eat activated malt flour is made from the best grains of barley

The most important thing in this whole process is the type of energy used to make this special flour. The renewable energies play a fundamental role Through the hybrid solar roof with the highest capacity in the world today, both SolarWall and Photovoltaic.

What’s so special about Bon App Eat Activated Malt Flour?

To obtain the activated malt flour, a meticulous and controlled selection of the best grains of barley, in a totally handmade process. The objective is to achieve a first quality protein that contains essential amino acids and proteins in a higher concentration than we can find in eggs.

Another of the great benefits of this type of flour is that the soluble fiber becomes insoluble, which results in a prebiotic fiber that helps improve digestion, increases satiety and reduces hunger.

This super ingredient supports digestion, satisfies hunger and is 100% sustainable

Activated malt flour is a very versatile ingredient that can be used to make the most of it in desserts, making different types of bread and other traditional pastry foods, but with a healthier and more sustainable touch.

Nutrient enhancer for desserts, breads and pizzas

Activated malt flour is loved by lovers of bakery and pastry. In addition to being healthier and more satisfying than flour Conventional wheat, oatmeal or spelled, is ideal for diets low in carbohydrates, high protein or against constipation.

Thank you to your excellent prebiotic properties, favors the functioning of the microbiota and enzymatic decomposition and turns the activated malt flour into a great promoter of the decomposition of nutrients, as well as the use of them, making them more easily assimilated by our body and allowing it to be used to the max.

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Bon App Eat pennes are based on activated malt flour

A practical example would be to create our own spaghetti, macaroni or another type of pasta with this activated malt flour. We will lower the level of carbohydrates and increase the quantity and quality of protein and fiber in our meals by 50-60%. Another application can be made on white bread. With only 10% of this malt flour, we will obtain the fiber equivalent to that of a 100% whole wheat bread.

But if you prefer simple things and get everything done, you also have the possibility of buying the pasta already made with all the benefits of activated malt flour. In the Bon AppEat online store you have at your disposal some very special pennes, since they only have two ingredients: black wheat (native to the province of Guadalajara) and activated malt flour.

Making activated malt flour pizza dough

There are more and more recipes that include this type of natural flours in the recipes of the pizza dough. Unlike other whole grain flours, activated malt flour makes the dough is much more manageable and easy to work, since with little quantity we substitute conventional whole wheat flours.

Prepare a delicious margarita pizza with Bon App Eat Flour (Photo: Pixabay)

Therefore, to the already known benefits of whole wheat flour is added the ease to be able to mold all the doughs that pass through our hand. In addition, it dyes the dough a toasted color and adds a light touch of cereal. As a result of being a product with a high moisture retention capacity, it allows the dough to be more compact and, therefore, does not break.

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Fight obesity

One of the basic healthy lifestyle habits is proper nutrition. In addition to physical exercise, meals are the most important thing to stay active and healthy. Including activated malt flour in various dishes and menus will help create a satiating effect, reducing appetite and, with perseverance and effort, reach the ideal weight.

Activated malt flour is a great ingredient for those who want to lose weight

That may be a reason, but you can also incorporate it into your diet because, simply, you want to eat well and healthy. You choose if you prefer a healthy and sustainable diet or go to foods with a satiating effect whose formulation includes a large part of synthetic elements.

Bon App Eat’s Activated Malt Flour is here to stay and become a healthy and vegan alternative make it part of our diet. Its sustainable production, satiating effect and 0% waste make it a great option for our day to day.

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