Active training internship to become support teachers: 220 places at the University of Annunzio

The decree of the Minister of the University has been published which banned the places offered by universities to access the TFA (active training internship), which allows you to acquire the specialization to become support teachers.

The places available for this 7th cycle have been increased. It has gone from 22,000 in 2021 to the current 25,874 nationwide.

The course was also activated by the University of Annunzio, with 220 places divided as follows: 40 for kindergarten, as many for primary, 70 for lower secondary school and 70 for upper secondary school.

“The cumbersome recruitment policies – accuses the Flc Cgil Chieti – have not allowed many aspiring teachers to specialize, with the result that many teach without qualifications. We need to review these rules to allow the most fragile students to have specialized teachers, guaranteeing continuity didactics. This will also be possible with a substantial increase in permanent hires on support “.

The admission test to the TFA support will be prepared by each university and will consist of a preliminary test, one or more written or practical tests, an oral test.

The admission test is aimed at verifying, in addition to the ability to argue and the correct use of the language, the candidate’s possession of teaching skills, skills on empathy, skills on creativity, organizational and legal skills

The tests will be held according to the following schedule:

• May 24, 2022 kindergarten tests;

• 25 May 2022 primary school tests;

• May 26, 2022 secondary school tests I degree;

• May 27, 2022 secondary school tests

For the union, “the costs must be controlled both for enrollment in pre-selection tests and for participation in the training course. In some universities these are prohibitive amounts. The Flc Cgil and the professional association Proteo organize a course of training for the preparation to pass these tests. Interested parties can contact the offices “.