Activists pile up naked in Barcelona to demand the closure of fur farms

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  • Some of the participants were shivering due to the low temperatures in the middle of a cold wave

  • The AnimaNaturalis protest represents “the bodies of lifeless animals once their skin has been torn off”

  • The ‘performance’ lasted 25 minutes and the participants put themselves “in the skin of the skinned animals”

A protest in which the participants have piled up on top of each other sprayed with artificial bloodfor 25 minutes, depicting “the lifeless bodies of animals after their skin has been torn off”, according to AnimaNaturalis, an international organization for the defense of animals.

The image has caught the attention of the public, who have approached the area delimited by a rope a few meters from the famous Catholic basilica. Likewise, the low temperatures in Barcelona, ​​with 8 degrees and a thermal sensation of 6, has affected some of the activists that I saw them shivering

The objective is “to make the population aware of the enormous number of animals which are used for make a single fur coat and press for a debate that leads to the closure of all the fur farms in Spain”.

They have also stressed that “more and more developed countries ban fur farms and Spain is at the tail of Europe, once again” and seek to promote and support the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which will pressure the European Commission to ban fur farming throughout the Union and strongly regulate the importation of animal skins into the European market.

The organization’s event coordinator, Gemma Guaza, has highlighted the need for this type of event. “We show the public the number of animals that are killed to be able to remove their skins and we can dress them. It’s unnecessary. Chinchillas, foxes and all kinds of animals are killed. It’s cruel.”

“We continue to open fur farms. There are other alternatives such as synthetic leather. After suffering, they are gassed and killed by electrocution through the anus or mouth. They suffer until the last moment”, explained one of the participants, who has put himself “in the skin of these skinned animals”.

A ‘performance’ that seeks to impact the public. “We are looking for people to empathize with the subject. The act represents what happens in the industry, the skin of animals is torn off. Minutes that can be long due to the cold or the shame of the situation, but it is the only way to make visible what you do not want to see.

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