Activists plant guillotine in front of the home of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, for more than $ 200,000 million

Those present demanded that Amazon raise the minimum wage to $ 30 an hour

One day after the fortune of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, exceeded $ 200,000 million dollars, a group of protesters placed a guillotine in front of his house in the city of Washington DC

The protest was organized by Chris Smalls, a former employee of the online sales company, to demand a minimum wage of $ 30 for the workers of the multinational.

In the mobilization that, according to the Washington Examiner report, brought together at least 100 people, Smalls recounted his bad time at the company from which he was fired last March after a protest at a processing center in Staten Island, New York.

The former employee alleged that he spent long hours working without being paid fairly and that he corroborated cases of other people who had to go to work while still infected. In the activist’s opinion, the company has not responded adequately to the coronavirus emergency.

“Give me one good reason why we don’t deserve a $ 30 minimum wage when this man makes $ 4,000 a second,” Smalls said, as quoted. by the rotary.

“This is just the beginning. We will go to each and every one of the addresses you have in the country, ”Smalls threatened in front of the billionaire’s house.

“If we don’t get it, we close it!” Protesters chanted.

Neither Bezos nor press spokesmen for the company have reacted to the protest.

It is not the first time that activists have expressed themselves in front of the magnate’s residence with a guillotine. Last June, the collective “Abolish The Present / Reconstruct Our Future” (Abolish The Present / Reconstruct Our Future) accompanied the instrument with a banner that read: “Support for our poor communities and not our rich people.”


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