Actor Mark Ruffalo marched in favor of abortion rights in the US with his two daughters

American actor Mark Ruffalo yesterday shared his support for the right to abortion through an Instagram post showing him at the last march organized in New York, which he attended with his two daughters.

These types of protests are happening in different parts of the United States after a draft was leaked about a project that the Supreme Court is working on that could annul the historic verdict of “Roe vs. Wade”, which has provided American women with access to abortion since 1973.

“It is time to fight. This is the generation that is going to have to live with this decision, we are talking about young people having to carry out pregnancies as a result of rape, incest, or being forced into subjugation, forced to have relationships before it is time that they can really make a decision about their relationships in life,” the actor wrote in the post.

The actor assured that “what these young women are doing is very important”, and commented that it was his own daughters, aged 15 and 17, who invited him to participate in the march.

“I am very moved by the effusiveness of the youth and to see so many men in this place. I think that people are afraid, they are demoralized, they feel that due to the presence of the Supreme Court this is not going to be won, but it is time to fight, and there are many opportunities”, concluded Ruffalo.

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