Actor Miguel Palmer is hospitalized and requires blood donors

The 78-year-old actor has been in the hospital for a week, and the family hopes that he will soon be discharged.


Actor Miguel Palmer, has been hospitalized in an emergency in Mexico City, and blood donors have been requested.

His daughter Valeria Palmer used her social networks to ask her fans for help in the search for blood donors for her father.

“Urgent. I request blood donors for my daddy. Name: Ángel Palomera Gonzalí ‘Miguel Palmer’ at the Hospital Star Médica Centro ”, also published the actress Valeria Palmer.

The actor has been in the hospital for more than a week, and the family is confident that he can get away with it.

“How quickly, tomorrow we will be here for a week. There is no doubt that love cures everything, as well as the care of all doctors, nurses, orderlies, quartermaster, kitchen, PR etc. Still missing, but I am here at the foot of the canyon 24/24. God always with us, “he wrote on his Facebook account.

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