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Seventeen years after its release, “Passion of gavilanes” came to Netflix to relive the love story of the sisters Elizondo and the brothers of Kings, this time in a new format.

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Starring Danna García, Mario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss and Michel Brownthe fiction Telemundo he led the audience in Colombia, the united States and the rest of the countries that you came from and where it continues to broadcast. Even in 2014 we developed a version entitled “Land of kings”.

With the time, the deal is “Pasión de gavilanes” they parted and went individually to his career, some with more luck than others. Of course, with the hope of returning some day in the role that launched her to fame. Unfortunately, the dream will not be possible for all.

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The more enthusiastic even credit that it is due to a curse of the soap operain particular for the strange circumstances in which some of their participants died. What members of the cast of “Pasión de gavilanes” they died in the last few years? Here we will tell you of some of them who have had this tragic fate..


Liliana Lozano Garzon (Photo: Telemundo)

The recognized Hope of “Pasión de gavilanes” it was an actress and beauty queen from Colombia who became bride of Fabio Vargas, the brother of the renowned drug dealer Leonidas Vargas. She began her career as a television presenter, but then jumped to stardom with the novels “The Lady of Troy” and “Pasión de gavilanes”.

On January 10, 2009, she was found on the outskirts of a hotel in Prairie, Valle del Caucanext to the lifeless body of her boyfriend Fabio Vargas. The police ruled that it was an adjustment of accounts, that the murder of Liliana their 30 years never could be solved.

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Herbert King (Photo: Telemundo)
Herbert King (Photo: Telemundo)

Herbert King he was an actor colombian film and television who participated in different productions of their native country as “Diomedes, el cacique de La Junta” (2015), “El Capo” (2009), “On the heels of Eva” (2006), “Pasión de gavilanes” (2003), “Peter the scaly” (2001) and “Francisco the mathematician” (1999).

Unfortunately, the August 2, 2018, Herbert he was taken to the clinic The Hill in Bogota, where he died by a heart attack at the age of 55. This actor played the known Herzog Vargas in the successful production of Telemundo and RTI.

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July to the Sea (Photo: Telemundo)
July to the Sea (Photo: Telemundo)

July Sea he was an actor of soap operas who was born in 1943 in Barranquilla, Colombia. It was one of the veterans of the entertainment world, but began by reading children’s stories at the station Snail when I was very small.

Within his career include his travels to Mexico where he contracted marriage with Natalia Beruman in 1972 and Spain when his son was born less Carlos. When he returned to Colombiaworked on series like “Escalona”, “Pepita Jimenez,” “The White widow”, “The woman in the mirror”, “The revenge” and “Passion of gavilanes”.

He died 75 years in your department Bogotathe August 25, 2019 due to the complications of a previous stroke, as confirmed by the network Snail when he gave his condolences to the family this year by hearing the news.

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Danna Garcia gave thanks to Mario for the great work you did in “Passion of gavilanes” (Photo: Telemundo)


Natasha Klauss he confessed that “it would be beautiful” that you made a sequel to the telenovela, but also recognized that it is very complicated.

“I believe that if today we come together and do Pasión de gavilanes 2, I do not know those magic things of life, would be beautiful, but difficult”recognized the unforgettable Sarita Elizondo.

On the other hand, Paola Reywho gave life to the rebel Jimena, said: “By now the truth, there are no plans, but I’d love to, it seems to me the most. It is a very nice story that was as marked for all of us and obviously I’d love to be back in this production”.

Difficult, but not impossible. That is what you believe Mario Cimarrowho gave life to Juan Reyes. “We would have to see the history that we present, if it is that you get to make, and see how much time passed, if they passed 10 years, 15 years… And see what happened to each, then depending on what happened to each since there will hold, but I think that the characteristics of each character remain the same. John is going to continue to be gross because he did not study”, he said between laughter.

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This is the famous intro of “Passion de gavilanes”

Intro Passion de gavilanes | Telemundo Soap opera



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