Actress Blake Lively transformed by her family life

His three children and, in general, his family have allowed him to change his perspective on his work.

American actress Blake Lively was transformed by motherhood. She explains it in a recent interview for the American magazine Forbes. Her three children and, in general, her family have allowed him to change her perspective on her work.

After her return in the sequel to Emily’s Shadow, the American actress Blake Lively is interviewed for the American magazine Forbes. There she shows how she has been transformed with the arrival of her three children, James, 8, Inez, 6, and Betty, 3.

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The actress who had great success with the Gossip Girl series between 2017 and 2012 now wants to choose her contracts according to her role as a mother, so that her children are proud of her.

“I want to be in movies, I want to make movies and I want to be the author of movies that I would be proud to show my children,” she confesses.

Blake Lively met her husband, American Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, on the set of Green Lantern in 2010.

Married two years later, the two stars have been a close couple ever since. This is how the 35-year-old explains that her family is the foundation of her life and her projects: “My family is everything to me. It is the basis of everything I create. When I get into something, I always do it with them in mind,” she says.

“Family is the basis of everything I do and that’s why I feel good about what I do, because there is a true heart behind everything. Her children also allow her to gain confidence: “I think that having children has increased my self-confidence. I had never felt so safe and comfortable with myself. »

in search of meaning

Thanks again to her children, the young woman now seeks to get involved in projects that are not only more ambitious but above all that make sense.

“Growing up and having kids made me realize that today I really want to do things that have real meaning to me,” says Blake Lively. “In any case, it is in this type of collaboration that I really flourish now and I have never been happier professionally.”

And it is that finally, by thriving in her family life, Blake Lively learns to flourish in her life as an actress.