Actress Ianthe Tavernier poses in bathing suit: “How beautiful can you be?” (photos)

Singer and ‘De Buurtpolitie’ actress Ianthe Tavernier takes to Instagram with some nice bathing suit photos.

No less than 110,000 people follow Ianthe Tavernier on Instagram. The lady regularly posts new images on the popular social network. She recently shared the swimsuit photos below. “Throwbackie to that only one ini-mini-vacation which took place this year.. ☀️”, she explains with the album.

“How handsome can you be?”

Her fans are ready to give praise. “How handsome can you be?” it sounds. “You look good,” it continues. “Stylish and beautiful”, concludes one last follower. So it’s high time to take a look. And press it arrow to the right to see a second photo!

Photo: Instagram