Actress Mary Kate Olsen and former French President Sarkozy’s half-brother end in scandal

Less than five years after her wedding, Olsen applied to the courts for an “unforeseen application” for divorce. She has to make such an application, because divorces in New York during a state of emergency are not considered at all.

But she needs to divorce because Sarkozy’s lawyers have informed her that the actress has to move out of her apartment in Manhattan by May 18. However, she is unable to do so because of the same restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic. But if the divorce application is accepted in court, the husband will no longer be able to evict Olsen.

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Olsen, the star of the Full House series, married Sarkozy, who is 17 years older than him, in November 2015. Both Mary Cate and her twin sister Ashley have avoided talking to the media about their relationship and private life. Olsen’s press representatives have not yet answered the questions that have arisen between their spouses.

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