Actress Park Hye Su to Resume Activities Following Allegations of School Violence

Actress Park Hye Su, who was previously involved in allegations of school violence, is reportedly resuming her entertainment activities with a new movie.

According to an exclusive report by Ilgan Sports, Park Hye Su has been selected as the lead actress of the low-budget film. You and I , which began filming last week and is currently still being filmed.

This is a movie directed by Cho Hyun Cheol, who is also the writer and even acts in the movie. Park Hye Su and Cho Hyun Cheol previously worked together on the film Samjin Company English Class . The film is classified as a low-budget film, as its production costs are estimated at less than 500 million KRW.

The movie was scheduled to begin filming in early 2021, however Park Hye Su’s allegations of school violence came to light, forcing filming to be delayed.

Park Hye Su was accused of bullying a student during high school, which her agency quickly denied. However, more netizens who claimed to have been intimidated by her began to appear on the networks. Dispatch shared that the people accusing her were lying about their claims. His K-drama Dear.M has already postponed its premiere date due to controversy.

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