Actress Pilar Doce dies at 87

The actress has passed away sweet pillar (Léon, 1933), who shared the stage with Pilar Delgado, at the Teatro de la Ribera, after his return to the stage at the age of 53, around 1987, with ‘Blood Wedding’. Platform of Actresses for the Scene named her her godmother and was one of the four honored at the Principal Theater in November 2014, with the aforementioned Pilar Delgado, Pilar Laveaga and Pilar Molinero, at the initiative of that group coordinated by the teacher, actress and theater director Blanca Resano.

“I have worked with her and with Pilar Delgado in ‘La plaza’ by Carlo Goldoni, or later I directed her in that montage of ‘Las Bernardas’, which premiered at the Principal in March 2001, our version of’ La casa de Bernarda Alba ‘by García Lorca. She embodied Josefa, Bernarda Alba’s mother ”, says Blanca Resano. “Every time an older woman was needed, she was thought of. He worked a lot, in the theater, in shorts or in advertising. He sponsored us. For me she was an example of professionalism, a great actress and a very close and endearing woman; I felt her like an aunt of mine “.

Luis Rabanaque, actor and scriptwriter of ‘Back Back’, the program directed by Samuel Zapatero on Aragón Televisión, explains: “Pilar Doce was our grandmother. For the Aragonese theater family she has been, together with Carlos Vega, her husband, a reference. She was loving, sweet, a true love. The news leaves us very sad. Some time ago we dedicated a piece of ‘Vuelta Atrás’ to them. His son José Carlos told the story of his parents, grandparents, great-grandparents … A theatrical saga of those from before ”.

Pilar Doce worked in the companies of José Bódalo and María Carrillo, in a function she met her husband Carlos Vega. Then he dedicated himself to the hospitality business until the mid-1980s, and after the call of the Teatro de la Ribera, he would also collaborate with other companies such as Che y Moche, Teatro del Alba and the aforementioned Platform of Actresses for the Scene. He even participated in international tours in Latin America and North Africa. In recent years he has appeared in various shorts: ‘La Visita’, by Pilar Gutiérrez: ‘El hijo del mar’, by Roberto Aznar or ‘En silencio’, by Javier Millán.

On October 21, 2014, Pilar Doce went out in a wheelchair to receive a bouquet of flowers from the actress María José Moreno, and He thanked the tribute “that I have received with affection and I don’t know if I deserve it.” Of course, he deserved it and the warmth of the applause left no room for doubt.