Tatyana Vasilyeva has a soft tissue bruise on her headPhoto: Tatyana Vasilyeva’s Instagram page People’s Artist Tatyana Vasilyeva got into the Sklifosovsky Institute with a head injury that she received in the Moscow metro. She told reporters about this herself, noting that she only came to the hospital after playing two performances. The artist was going to the training. When she entered the subway car, the doors suddenly closed and hit her in the temples on both sides, 360 TV channel writes. After some time, she realized that the injury could be serious: “it gradually began to reach me, which really hurt me. Something teeth began to stagger, “- she said on her page on Instagram. At the same time, the woman stressed that the warning that the doors were closing was not sounded. Vasilieva played two performances, after which she went to the Sklifosovsky Institute. According to REN TV, the doctors did a CT scan and diagnosed “multiple bruises of the soft tissues of the head.”


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