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Coop de Só is launching a new subscription To finance new projects, we are once again calling on your citizen savings! The PV equipment for the next four roofs, for an installed power of 63 kiloWatt-peak, represents an estimated cost of €80,000 excluding VAT. Also, we want to collect 50,000 € by June, which will allow us to mobilize the regional citizen bonus “1€ Region for 1 € citizen” and to self-finance these 4 new installations. It is thus proposed, to any member or future member, to make a safe and remunerated investment with Coop de Só for 3 years (renewable), in the form of a current member account (CCA), now remunerated at 3% per year. So, if you have been able to benefit from advice for your installation or if you are already a member (but you have less than 10 shares), now is the time to subscribe… to help us mobilize this regional aid for l citizen investment. So don’t wait any longer: to subscribe to a CCA, go to our website: #transition #enr #democratie #tarn #cooperative #energie #carmausin #eclr