Actually Mane, One Senegal Silent Does Not Work When He Plays Football


Sadio Mane chooses to wear the number 17 shirt at Bayern Munich.

BOLASPORT.COM – The new Bayern Munich striker, Sadio Mane, has supernatural powers that make Senegalese people choose not to work when he plays football.

Sadio Mane is loved by the people of Senegal for his actions on and off the field.

Born in a small village called Bambali, Mane prides himself on his hometown for his achievements in the world of football.

The success he achieved was not only for club level, but also for his national team.

Mane managed to lead the Senegal national team to win the 2022 African Cup of Nations.

The trophy added to Mane’s title, which while still defending Liverpool was able to win the English League, Champions League and Club World Cup.

With these achievements, the bomber immediately became a figure hailed by the Senegalese public.

Mane revealed himself about the views of the Senegalese people towards him.

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