Home Entertainment Actually, that brings bad luck ... Harry has chosen her bridal look!

Actually, that brings bad luck … Harry has chosen her bridal look!

Prince Harry is known to love breaking traditions. Now, the newly married scion of the British royal family has confessed that he had previously taken a look at Meghan's wedding outfit.
          Following the old tradition, it actually brings bad luck when the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. However, as reported by "hellomagazine.com", Prince Harry (34) is not supposed to be too specific about that. In an interview on the new exhibition, "A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex," Harry now revealed that he had previously taken a look at the outfit of his bride, Meghan, 37. To be precise, he even chose the bridal look with her. Is that a bad omen?

In the video above you can see the highlights of the fairytale wedding.

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          "I should not have really been there"

Everything is so wild. Because it was "only" the diamond-studded wedding tiara that Meghan had chosen to match her dress. She even received support from Queen Elizabeth (92) herself, as can be heard on a sound recording of the interview: "When it came to the tiara that day, I was very fortunate to have this beautiful bandeau tiara in the art Deco style could choose. Harry and I had gone to Buckingham Palace to meet with Her Majesty the Queen to pick one of the options that was there. "

Harry knew what an important moment that would be for his bride: "Every girl's dream is to be able to try on a tiara, and strangely, it was the one that best fit and looked the best," said the prince. The 34-year-old also knew that he had neglected the tradition a bit: "I should not really have been there, but it was an incredible loan from my grandmother, it was very cute." The dress, the Meghan under still wearing the veil, remained top secret. In fact, Meghan wore two that day. The party dress you see in the video below in detail.


          A new exhibition shows Harry and Meghan's wedding outfits

Harry and Meghan's wedding outfits are shown at Windsor Castle in a new exhibit. The wedding tiara originally belonged to Queen Mary († 85). Visitors can admire the Duchess' elegant garb and the incredible five-meter-long veil, as well as a replica of her flower bouquet. Harry borrowed a replica of his military uniform for the show.

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