Acupuncturist medicine: what does it consist of? in what cases is it used? | healthily

The beliefs and techniques of Chinese culture have had a great influence on health, even worldwide, one of these is acupuncturist medicine, which is the result of observing nature and finding that there is hot and cold energy that in the language Chinese is called yin for cold and yang for hot. This consists of stimulating different points of the body with needles in order to balance the energy.

Listen to the audio of Thursday, May 26, 2022 with Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez, acupuncturist doctor, with almost 40 years of experience, who spoke about acupuncturist medicine and its benefits.

Also on the program was Dr. Emily Karina Rincón Álvarez, a doctor graduated from the University of La Sabana, a specialist in internal medicine and pulmonology, and also a researcher at the Colombian Pulmonology Foundation, who spoke about interstitial lung diseases.

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