“Ada and the equation of happiness”: Sonja Roos reads in Hachenburg

Press release from 29.10.2022

On November 10, Sonja Roos will read from her novel “Ada and the Equation of Happiness”, which was published in August and which she wrote under the synonym Sienna David, at the invitation of the Werner A. Güth public library in Hachenburg in the Vogtshof. The reading begins at 7:30 p.m.

Sonja Roos will read from her book “Ada and the Equation of Happiness”. (Photos: Organizer)

Hachenburg. The protagonist, Ada Lovelace, was a gifted mathematician, knowledge-hungry woman, mother of three, and countess. She was also the person who first invented a programming language. And this more than 170 years ago! Ada Lovelace, who only lived to be 36, has lived an impressive life. The novel is part of a series about Brave Women Who Made History.

UK, 1830s. There are two encounters that will determine the life of the young noblewoman Ada. One happens at the racecourse when Ada meets Michael, a former prizefighter. Michael becomes her great love. A love that must remain secret. Because Ada’s mother is forcing her to marry someone of good standing. Ada has the second fateful encounter of her life with the mathematician Charles Babbage. Babbage immediately recognizes her mathematical talent and encourages her. Ada soon surpasses herself. Her love for mathematics is almost as great as her love for Michael. Little does she know that she has to let go of one love in order not to lose both of them.

The author Sonja Roos, born in 1974, grew up in a small village in the Westerwald. She studied German and English and works as an editor and columnist at the Rhein-Zeitung. Sonja Roos lives with her husband, three daughters and an Australian Shepherd in her old homeland, the Westerwald. Under her real name, she has already successfully published two women’s novels at Goldmann Verlag, 2021 The Windhof, which takes place in the Westerwald, and 2022 The Lavender Years, which essentially contain part of the author’s family history. Sonja Roos writes historical novel biographies under the pseudonym Sienna David; the book about Ada Lovelace is her first work in this genre. (PM)

Date: Thursday 10 November 2022
Start: 7.30 p.m
Admission: VVK 8 euros / AK 10 euros

Ort: Vogtshof Hachenburg
Organizer: Werner A. Güth public library
Advance booking office: City library and Hähnelsche bookstore

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