Adam discovers with amazement that he lost 3,000 euros by changing banks: “If I had known that…”

Adam G. lives in Oudsergen. Recently, the 75-year-old decided to switch banks from AXA to Beobank. A personal choice which was accompanied by another decision: that of selling his “shares”. “I bought them from my old bank. Except that, when I died, my children would have had to pay inheritance tax on these, ”he tells Belang van Limburg.

The septuagenarian therefore chooses to sell them directly in order to already distribute the money. Except that, when collecting the money, Adam had a bad surprise. “The shares were worth 37,000 euros… I only received 34,000 euros! 3,000 euros have been deducted, ”he is surprised.

In reality, it is a “withholding tax”. “If I had known that, I would not have sold them”, plague the man. Moreover, Adam did not own stocks but bonds. And on these, the “Reynders” tax applies. “It was introduced in 2006 and it’s a tax on capital gains and interest on your bond funds. Payment is made at the end of the sale. You cannot avoid it. Many people are shocked at the time of the settlement, because they were not aware, ”explains an expert to our colleagues.