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Interview with Slovak hockey representative Adam Husek.

ELECTED. It might seem that the Slovak goalkeeper Adam Húska has had a successful season with which he can be extremely satisfied. He made his NHL debut in the jersey of the famous New York Rangers, and was also a mainstay of the Slovak national team at the recent World Cup in Finland.

This is partly true, but the 25-year-old Zvolen is not very happy with how it worked in Hartford in the AHL. He also regrets that he didn’t get any more chances in the A-team of New York riders.

At the beginning of December, after injuring a clear unit and the candidate for Vezin’s trophy (award for the best goalkeeper of the NHL), Igor Šestťorkin, he got into the Rangers’ goal against the current finalist of the Stanley Cup, offensive Colorado Avalanche.

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Adam Huska caught 19 shots in the first period, but in the end his team lost 3: 7 at home in Madison Square Garden. And as Gerard Gallant had to be helped off the pitch as an injury meant he was unable to finish the game.

Adam partially corrected his taste at the World Championships in Finland, where he was the mainstay of the Slovak national team. Húska is currently breathing from hockey in her native Zvolen.

The sympathetic hockey player willingly agreed to an interview in which he openly talks, for example, about the special practices of his goalkeeper colleague Keith Kinkaid, his future in the New York Rangers, but also the recent championship in Finland.

You are currently after the season and you are in your hometown of Zvolen. How do you spend your free time?

I try to pay particular attention to my family. I was recently in Italy for 4 days, now my parents’ friends are coming to Slovakia. I want to relax, not think about hockey and switch off for a few weeks, then I start training.

When do you plan to return overseas?

I have no idea yet. I assume that sometime in August I will fly to the USA, but I will also see if I will stay there for the whole season or I will be able to return to Slovakia for a while.

Your American partner Taylor, who likes Slovakia in Slovakia, is here with you all the time. Are you used to living with us?

She’s already domesticated here. We are always looking forward to Slovakia and enjoying it here.

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How’s Taylor doing with Slovak? Has she learned anything from our language yet?

Yes, she is doing very well. It’s not perfect, but it also communicates with my parents. Clear, some complicated sentences don’t work for her yet, but she already knows the phrases.

Let’s move slowly to hockey. What comes to your mind first when you remember last season?

Definitely the NHL debut and the World Cup.

I got 5 goals in one third, but I can be satisfied with 40 minutes. The second period did not work out, but I did not give up and I caught the match. It opened my eyes and gave me a lot in the future.

Adam Husa’s NHL debut

We’ll start with that huge milestone, the NHL debut. Igor Storkorkin’s unit was injured by the New York Rangers. How do you remember when you were told you were going to catch?

It was great. They called me to the first team and they told me then that they were counting on catching at least one match, so I was looking forward to it. I came there, I completed about two trainings with the team and then the match followed. They literally threw me into the water. However, I have such mixed feelings about it, but I’m very happy that I managed to make my NHL debut and I’m done.

Were you nervous before the match? Did you also solve the fact that you are going to catch against a run-down Colorado?

Somehow I didn’t deal with it in myself. I was looking forward to it.

So your team came across a running Colorado, which also has a huge offensive force. You eventually lost 3: 7, but you caught 32 shots. How do you remember this match over time?

I will also find positives in it. I don’t want to say that again, but basically it was a bit to be expected to be either-or. There could be nothing in between. I got 5 goals in one third, but I can be satisfied with 40 minutes. The second period did not work out, but I did not give up and I caught the match. It opened my eyes and gave me a lot in the future.

This debut also came in the home and legendary Madison Square Garden. What did your teammates tell you after this result and performance?

Everything was so fast, so I didn’t even realize a lot of things. The boys held me, I appreciate that. We didn’t solve anything else. For them, it was one of 82 matches, so they didn’t stop at the loss.

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