Adam Martin’s Huge Dilemma: Choose Brutal Money or the National Team?

Previously we have already reported about that Adam Martin His qualification for England fails due to a local scoring system for EU players, despite the NB I goal king wanting to continue his career in the Championship. The Paks player would have been taken to Luton Town, which also made it to the promotion round of the English second division, but it seems that the big dream of the Hungarian national team striker will not come true.

It also appeared in the outdoor press these daysthat Adam was also singled out by Genoa, who said goodbye to Serie A, but we know this is more of an opportunity, there is very little specificity in the matter, there is little chance of the striker signing a contract with the Italian club.

According to, the biggest effort to get Adam was made by an Asian club: according to our information, a South Korean club has also made a specific offer for it in the recent period.

South Korea’s Ulsan Hyundai would have taken the football player already in the winter, but then Ádám decided to stay, so the club contracted Márta Kosta from Zalaegerszeg “instead” – according to our information, this club may be the biggest applicant again. the most serious interested person would pay Paks 1.2 million US dollars for the 27-year-old player, who could receive a very serious monthly salary of about $ 50,000 in the Far East.

All this also poses a serious dilemma for Adam, who has to make a difficult decision: whether to say yes at the age of 27 to a request that could be the contract of his life, as it is questionable whether he will receive such a favorable offer later. At the same time, do you have to decide whether to risk doing so for a national team that you have only recently served on and for which you have worked very hard?

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There is little chance that Marco Rossi could build on him from South Korea – on the one hand because of the quality and on the other because of the huge distance. Adam said earlier that money will be secondary to his decision.

English has been my big favorite since I was a kid. There is a lot of duel, the games are fast-paced, the defenders are tough, I could imagine myself in England. I haven’t given up on this plan yet. However, I feel really good in Paks, I wouldn’t be sad even if I ended my career here. Of course, I want to move up gradually, but I’m still one of the old-fashioned footballers who plays this sport for more than love for the game.

– pointed out an earlier, in an interview with in this connection he is the goal scorer of the Hungarian championship.

Let’s add that he said this even when Luton Town was a serious option. For him, that would have been the preferred agreement in all respects, as he would have benefited England professionally and not been financially ill. Now, however, it is questionable whether it will again have an opportunity to put it ahead of the South Korean agreement.

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