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How to envisage the after? What meaning to give to existence after an upsetting event? In the name of the Father ((Ride Upon the Storm in original version), co-produced with Arte France, is timely in our tormented and soon deconfined lives. “This second season shows how we manage to overcome very difficult things. It resonates in this with the current crisis ”, note it showrunner Danish Adam Price, whose remarkable series Borgen on the meteoric rise of a politician will return in 2022 on Danish television DR and Netflix.

With as much realism as narrative efficiency, In the name of the Father introduces us to another place of power: religion. After femininity, Adam Price explores masculinity through the tempestuous relationships between Johannes, rigorous father, Protestant pastor, and his two sons, August and Christian.

Adam Price: “In the name of the Father is a series to understand religions”

Inspired by the myth of Cain and Abel, the last of the first ten episodes, broadcast at the end of 2018 (to be seen if necessary on, before reading more) left us with tears in our eyes. “If the first season ends with a tragedy, the second talks about the loss, the sadness after the death of a loved one, but it is also a very positive story, underlines Adam Price. Each character, whether a believer or not, fights to continue living and find new meaning in their existence. “

Hi and sorry

Eighteen months after August’s death, the Krogh family is dislocated. Emily (Fanny Bernth), wife of the deceased young priest, gave birth to their son, Anton. She got involved in her nursing job, like Johannes in her homeless church. The latter’s wife Elisabeth (Ann Eleonora Jorgensen) has moved away from him and seeks to communicate with their son August through a medium.

Their eldest Christian (Simon Sears) lives with Amira and her daughter, of Muslim culture. They created a Buddhist-inspired personal development society together… Anton’s non-religious baptism, as Emilie wanted, brings the whole family together for the first time since August’s funeral. Will they find salvation through this child, source of love, hope and reconciliation?

The series is carried by the formidable Lars Mikkelsen (Borgen, The killing, House of Cards…), awarded a prestigious International Emmy Award for the role of pastor grappling with his demons. Johannes, the impeccable white collar, no longer drinks, controls his emotions better, listens to his neighbor, and wants to believe in a redemption.

But he’s a broken man, in the grip of doubt. He feels responsible for the death of his youngest son. He blames himself for having forced him to become a priest, for not knowing how to hear his distress when he returned from his mission in Iraq. Christian, with August during the drama, shares this feeling of guilt. The father and the eldest son come together under the seal of forgiveness.

“Important in all religions, forgiveness is the way to better understand ourselves, to accept what we are: imperfect humans who make mistakes”, Adam Price notes. Baptized but atheist, the Dane immersed himself with passion in this reflection on faith, resilience and the family, summoning the theologian Sören Kierkegaard, skillfully staging a confrontation between religion and psychoanalysis in a secularized Denmark, where the Church Lutheran has been a state religion since 1536.

Ragnarok, another series on the family and the myths

Like the Krogh, pastors from father to son for 250 years, the lively Adam Price descends from a long line of artists. This weight of loyalty and the pressure of success within a dynasty also interested this creator and restaurateur, who hosts with his brother James a famous cooking show.

Netflix allowed him to deepen his questioning about family and myths, by ordering him another series intended this time especially for young adults. In a fantastic genre, Ragnarök, online since the end of January, portrays adolescents in which incarnated “giants”, the forces of chaos in Nordic mythology (here, the power of money and pollution), and gods like Thor, called back to restore order to Earth (and protect nature). Shot in Norway, in magnificent preserved landscapes, Ragnarök also speak like In the name of the Father, difficulty making choices.


Borgen returns in 2022

The Danish series “Borgen”, created by Adam Price and centered on the tribulations of a female prime minister, will return to the screens in 2022, announced Danish TV DR, which developed and broadcast it before it joined the Netflix catalog. In this fourth season, which will bring together Adam Price and the entire team of the first seasons, Birgitte Nyborg holds the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs after a long period in the opposition.



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