For the fifth time RTL invites us at the beginning of the cool season to watch bodies in hot climes watch flirting. The odds were not a problem in the end, but where is the level moving? We looked.
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One may wonder a little bit. Since Gina-Lisa Lohfink had just completed the "jungle camp" in early 2017, she is once again moving into the next voyeuristic format for RTL. Now it is not that these individual cases in the career of the former candidate of "Germany's Next Top Model" would be. Since 2008, she has been refining shows such as "Die Alm", "Das perfekte Celebri-Dinner", "X-Diaries" or various ProSieben formats from "TV Total" to "Die große Völkerball Meisterschaft". On her ten-year anniversary in the service of the entertainment industry, she finally drops all the covers: As a celebrity in the fifth season of "Adam sucht Eva", which sets for the third time on a mix of normal and TV prominence. In an interview with the producing TV station Lohlink recently announced: "Negative comments hurt me!". An absolutely understandable statement, but it should also be thought. Is there really no career path apart from formats that people exhibit in cages and sometimes even ridicule? Especially for gentle minds the eternal rattling off of yet another trash format does not seem to be a good idea. Nevertheless, Ms. Lohfink is of course not a single perpetrator. review
Launched in 2014 with the subtitle "Stranded in Paradise", RTL initially sent singles to the Atike Tikehau. The whole thing was moderated by Nela Lee. The ratings ranged from 1.35 to 1.95 million in the total audience. In 2015, there were drastic changes: The atoll remained, but the moderation did not take place and the plot was divided into two islands: The "Island of Temptation" and the "Island of Love". The candidates were retained in the format longer, which resulted in different stories about several episodes. The odds were awesome and constant: between 2.34 and 2.58 million fans, the format attracted everyone. One year later, for the first time, the celebrity factor came into play, which was also reflected in the subtitle "Celebrities in Paradise". Seven well-known faces took part in eleven normalos: Leonore Bartsch, Janni Hönscheid, Sarah Joelle Jahnel, Daniel Köllerer, Peer Kusmagk, Ronald Schill and Janina Youssefian. With 2.39 to 2.89 million fans, the format ran again pleasing. In the past year, they remained true to the chosen path then largely and brought with Patricia Blanco, Natalia Osada, Djamila Row, Bastian Yotta, Martin Kesici, Timur Ülker, Leo Rojas, Melody Haase and Marius Hoppe again more or less well-known television faces as celebrities on board , The number of participants (21) and the number of episodes (8) was highest in this season. Pleasing for the makers: With 1.93 to 3.63 million viewers, not a season ran better than this. The bells are ringing forever
But let us come to the present: In the new season, ex-DSDS candidate Emilija Mihailova and model Gina-Lisa Lohfink meet for the first time on a sailing ship (Queen Atlantis) and not in the Pacific, but in the Mediterranean. Winner of "Love Island" Jan Sokolowsky on ten normalos. One could also say heretically: Twelve Normalos meet Mrs. Lohfink. Thus, not only the number of candidates was reduced but also the number of celebrities. The rules are still the same and not unnecessarily complicated: all participants are naked and are supposed to flirt, argue and get rid of odds. The new setting aboard the ship then directly made for drama: The first Adam, the Lohfink on board sent, was seasick directly and left voluntarily the show. Passing instead of falling in love? Not a good start to the erotic adventure. How good that you immediately made supplies. Nachenklich, however, made it especially early on how little sensitivity the editors proved. Given the statements made by Gina-Lisa Lohfink in the RTL interview, one might not necessarily have expected that the female voice from the offside uses every embarrassment to ridicule the well-known candidate (keyword: "ship bells", "natural materials"). The question is always: how does this happen? Here at least without the accuracy of the gag writers of the jungle and far beyond the lowest level claims. Example complacent? RTL shows a cat and the off-voice says: "Even a pussy can be seen here." Ouch. In a sense, such proverbs are also a call for help for better authors. Volunteers before, the bottom has already reached. The rest of the prelude consisted of the usual intimate confessions, zigzags and first approaches, accompanied by pop songs. Conclusion
No question: "Adam seeks Eve" remains a harmless fun against the autumn blues on the fifth try; at least if one disregards the dropouts of the gag writers. Of course every candidate knows what he is getting into. In this case, a complete display in all details, garnished with pupar humor. But you do not have to. All in all, RTL celebrates the usual noble trash that comes along well produced, does not take itself too seriously and can be fun on a borderline level. Even without really new ideas, it can not be assumed that the quotas could be damaged. The core competencies of the show are somewhere else anyway and are not dependent on innovation and overflowing creativity. And if nothing works, the ringing of the ship's bells always helps. However, the well-bludgeoned defoliation command was supposed to carry the squad over the squadron and keep the crowd happy. As a small "jungle camp" marker, the format thus remains a secure bank for RTL. Where is the journey going?
A thought still on the edge: No matter where RTL in the coming year will organize the Nackedei-Reigen, the end of the flagpole is far from reached. From the sixth season, the broadcaster could go all out and only allow viewers to access the show, who are naked in front of the television screen and transmit this via webcam in the social networks. The Nackedei Gold Pass, so to speak. A new all-time low in terms of level would be unquestionably possible: Welcome to "Adam looking for Eva: Germany's great naked experiment"? The author waives in any case on royalties, it should come at some point. Let's just look forward to the fact that in the current season only participants drop the covers. "Adam seeks Eve" runs in the coming weeks on Saturdays at different times. However, the entire season is available since broadcasting the opening sequence also on TVNow in the call.


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