Ádám Szabó talks about his addiction in the new song and clip of Yesyes

The band’s singer-songwriter, Ádám Szabó, now speaks openly about the low point of his life in recent months due to his addiction. The frontman of Yesyes decided to share his story with the public because he wanted to inspire others to dare to visit someone with their problem.

The clip of Simple Money shows the path of its purification, which is why his father, István Szabó, also played a role in it. But Bánki Beni slammer, a poet, also appears in the video, precisely because he is currently working with the guys on the tracks of yesyes’ new album.

Check out the video clip that debuted today, in which Adam sincerely opens about his addiction:

Ádám Szabó also answered a few questions about the appearance of the song, he honestly tells about the deepest moments of his addiction and how he managed to ask for help and climb out of this difficult situation together with his loved ones.

What was the point when you realized that this is not just a “game” but you have serious problems?

Before I won the Star in the Star last year, unfortunately because of Covid I was unable to go to concerts and I was deprived of a lot of invitation, opportunity and progress, at least then I felt this very strongly and was shattered spiritually. You win a high-quality show against talented performers and you can’t take advantage of it in any way afterwards. It kept going through my mind and I couldn’t get rid of that thought unfortunately. That’s why I first fled to songwriting and sports, but what should I write a song about? About my pains? About my dissatisfaction? I tried to understand everything positively, but it didn’t go because I couldn’t put myself beyond that, I’ve been on the track for 10 years, I’ve turned in a lot of races already, but I haven’t even managed to win one. Only a star in the Star. But also, that I can’t talk to people afterwards, I can’t pass on what’s in me because of the virus, unfortunately everyone has to stay home. That’s why I had to look for a replacement – I didn’t want to poison myself with alcohol and my peers, so I thought I’d try gambling, get tied up, it’s exciting, it’s adrenaline in it and I’ve been playing for 4-5 years now, but with very small stakes. Now I was wondering why I shouldn’t try to take this all a little more seriously. Unfortunately, I got sick. So from January 2020, I became the “loser” of this game.

How could you overcome the addiction, yourself?

The first thing that comes to mind about this is that my family, my friends were very weird about my behavior. I always hid my phone, when I was in a company, I didn’t pay much attention to the others, but I watched on my cell phone how the matches were. If my loved ones don’t see me as weird and something is wrong with me, I have no idea how much money I would have played … The most important thing was that I once took a deep breath and told them I was gambling addicted. and there is big trouble. If I didn’t do that to talk myself out, I really don’t know how long I would have gone.

What was the hardest part of the “healing” process?

The honesty. I lied to my friends and family and formed a picture of myself that all the money would come back anyway, I would solve them anyway, I just have a bad series, now I didn’t have a match at the last minute, but I always thought that according to Murphy’s law one day I’ll break a big one anyway and then maybe I don’t even have to tell anyone about this addiction, since I’m collecting so many chips that I’ll just tell them loosely to watch how much money I’ve won! Just out of nowhere … Of course it never came to fruition, I played without reason and there was no strategy, no follow-up, I just relied on the stats in the matches and played back and forth.

The shooting of the clip didn’t have a bad effect on you, didn’t the old urges come out?

Luckily, I didn’t have any bad feelings in me, and I even felt very strong and finally honest, telling my feelings exactly the way things happened. No nonsense, just ugly truth.

Why did you decide to take it all openly?

On the one hand, I believe that in music and lyrics, authenticity always wins a worthy reward. I wrote the lyrics, so no one could describe how I feel more honestly. That’s how I feel authentic and true to this song, and I had to write it out myself so I could really end this era and always be able to think back next year or 10-20 years into what I’ll never do again. On the other hand, I think and have experienced a lot from my environment that I am not alone with this addiction and many suffer from it. That is why I want to help those who are / have been in the same shoes as me so that no one can do it without me and unknowingly. This game should not be about everything, even for several days, months, years.

What would you say to those who are in a similar situation to you but have not yet asked for or dared to ask for help?

Listen to the song many times! And take the word seriously: dare to take it on and talk about it to your family, friends, loved ones! Ciki, not ciki, this is something everyone has to go through, otherwise everyone gets stuck in an imaginary room from which there is never a way out!