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Adama Traoré case: magistrates complete their investigations without indictment

The investigating judges are preparing to bury the Adama Traoré case. No indictment was pronounced by the magistrates at the end of their investigation into the death of this young man, on July 19, 2016 in the courtyard of the gendarmerie of Persan (Val d'Oise). According to our information, the Paris prosecutor's office received the file on December 14th. This notice of end of information therefore opened a period of three months during which the parties can formulate requests for acts. Yassine Bouzrou, the lawyer of the family of Adama Traoré, asked a new hearing of the agents who arrested the young man. If the instruction is not yet completed, this ultimate demand now has little chance to tip the survey. The public prosecutor must for his part take his requisitions in the coming days.

Most of the investigation was based on a succession of expertise and counter-expertise to determine the causes of the death of Adama Traore. Upon the announcement of the death, the state of health of the young man had been raised by the prosecutor of the Republic of Pontoise in office at the time. At the end of the first autopsy, the prosecution had stated that the young man was suffering from "Very serious infection affecting several organs". The examination in question, however, only mentioned "Infectious lesions". A false communication that had contributed to casting doubts on the investigations.

After a tortuous judicial path, however, the medical experts were able to agree in a synthesis made last September. This centerpiece of the investigation formally affirmed that the interpellation of the gendarmes had no connection with the young man's death. In their auditions, in July 2016, they described the conditions of a particularly virulent arrest which corresponded to the ventral veneering technique, known for its dangerousness. But according to the college of experts, when Adama Traoré arrives in the apartment where he will be found by the gendarmes, his "Vital prognosis is already engaged" and "[la compression thoracique] had no role in the occurrence of death ".

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Doctors believe that Adama Traoré suffers from sickle cell disease, a blood disease, as well as pulmonary sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease, "Whose importance makes it particularly vulnerable to the risk of hypoxemia [manque d’oxygène, ndlr] effort ". This is what happens on that day according to them. According to their report, a fatal mechanism then starts. The experts also assure that in this case nothing could be done to save Adama Traoré: "In the best conditions imaginable, and even when cardiac arrest occurs in a hospital or intensive care unit, the prognosis described is death. Resuscitation is ineffective. " Before closing their investigations, the magistrates had rejected a request from the lawyer Yassine Bouzrou who was disputing precisely the conclusions of this report and wanted a new expertise.

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