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For some time, Adamari Lopez, the remembered actress from “Friends and Rivals”, “Wood Woman”, “Wild Cat”, “Locura de Amor”, and many more; He has been in the spotlight and not only because of his sudden break with Toni Costa, but also because of his shocking physical transformation. The also television presenter, in addition, looks proud over the years in her social networks.

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The host of “Hoy Día” Telemundo has shown that she does not care what others say, even when some have harshly criticized the strict diet that led her to lose 15 kg, but that, finally, she was able to meet her goal without having to undergo surgical procedures. Now, Adamari Lopez It is shown naturally, proudly showing off its gray hair and wrinkles.


Adamari Lopez He usually keeps his followers up to date on social networks, especially on Instagram. In this social network she shares her exercise routine, beauty tips and her diet; So it is totally normal to see her as an authentic person, who does not feel sorry to show her defects and virtues, and, on the contrary, she looks proud over the years.

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Adamari López recently shared a photo showing the restrictive diet he has used to lose weight (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram)

Recently, López shared an image on his social network, in which he manages to see himself receiving his reduction treatment. But what drew the most attention is that the roots of his hair are easily displayed. full of gray hair, as well as one another wrinkle in your face.

The Puerto Rican turned 50 on May 18, And this has not been an impediment to make a radical change in his lifestyle, starting a program to lose weight, results that are quite noticeable. The protagonist of “Amigas y Rivales” has become an inspiration for many women who, like her, try to lead a healthier life.

It is worth mentioning that López has had a complicated life, because she faced breast cancer and divorced Luis Fonsi almost at the same time. Despite everything, he managed to get ahead and fell in love again, this time with Toni Costa and the fruit of this love Alaïa Costa was born. Currently, however, she is spending time with her little girl’s father, to whom she was married for 10 years.


Adamari López shared a story proudly showing off her gray hair, one or another wrinkle in the back (Photo: Instagram / Adamari López)
Adamari López shared a story proudly showing off her gray hair, one or another wrinkle in the back (Photo: Instagram / Adamari López)

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The famous actress recently shared a photo where he shows the restrictive diet he has used to lose weight, generating more than one reaction on social networks. In the images you can see the small portions of food you eat in your quest to achieve your ideal weight.

While it is true that the physical change you have undergone Adamari Lopez It is really surprising, now the actress has revealed the method that has led her to lose weight and sizes in a surprising way; Although the method has not been to the liking of many due to the limited nature of their diet.

However, many López fans agree that it is a great change, since went from being overweight to enjoying a slim figure again, as they remember it in their melodramas in the 90s.


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